Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost Christmas!!!!

I'm currently laying on our couch with long socks, sweat pants, slippers, a long sleeve tee, a hoodie sweatshirt on with the hood tied tight around my head with a blanket over all while lying on a heating pad to keep warm. And my hands are freezing while I type this! It has been raining and way colder than normal all week long. Is it April yet??????

I head home next Tuesday night for Christmas and am very excited. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without little kids being around so it'll be good to be around the nieces and nephews. I did manage to put lights up out front of our house and a small tree up so it makes our cute house so much cuter.

We had our work Christmas party last weekend and it was so fun. It was at the Hyatt inside a huge white tent and it was decorative! The food was amazing and there was a DJ. I got to see some amazing dance moves from some of my coworkers so it was definately a treat. No one got to see the cute dress I wore though because I kept my coat on the whole time because I was so cold. Yep, I live in Southern California and can't even handle this winter.... how did I handle flying to the East last winter when I was flying?????

Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone is taking the time to remember what this time of year is all about! Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Birthday Yet

Last weekend was my 27th birthday and it was so fun. Friday when I got home from work both sisters were hiding in my bathroom to surprise me. Then 7 of us all dressed up in cute dresses and went and ate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Javier's. After that we attempted to go dancing but the place we went to was horrible. If you live in the Orange County area do not go to ILounge. It is awful. Saturday was so hot outside that we all went to the beach and layed out then met up with some guy friends at their house and had so much fun.

Aleisha put together a book of comments that some of my closest loved ones wrote about me. It was the best present ever. Some memories made me laugh so hard and some made me cry but they were good tears. It was such a huge reminder of how blessed I am to have such good family and friends that love me. I am so appreciative of everyone that pitched in to make this the best birthday yet.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Such A Good Saturday

I had one of the best Saturdays I've had in a long time so I thought I would share it :)

I woke up at 8 am and spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning and doing laundry. No one was around but myself and I just loved doing a deep clean to our house. Cleaning really is therapeutic. I completely understand that now. After that it was so sunny and warm outside that I decided to go for a long run. Since the time change I barely see the sun during the week because it's pitch black outside when I'm headed home from work. It was about 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. After my run I caught up on last week's episode of "The Office". So amazing!!!! It was such a funny one. Then I rode my bike to the beach and laid out with the girls for 2 hours. The waves were so nice and there were tons of surfers out. There were even Dolphins out swimming with the surfers. Then I came home and showered and was taken to a nice dinner. And was in bed by 11pm.

So, after such a nice day I came to realize again it really is the little things in life that brings us happiness. It's so hard with everything that is wrong in the world to remember this but it helps keep me some what sane.......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been way too long.....

I know, I am a horrible blogger. I spend at least 9 hours a day in front of a computer so it sounds like death on most days to spend more time behind one. Let's see what I need to inform everyone on......

Halloween was fun. I didn't want to spend any money on a costume this year so I said whatever anyone will give me for free I would wear. So I ended up getting a Hooter's waitress costume sent to me from the one and only Kristle Jensen. It was a hit. Jessie found one too so we wore them together. We even included the sick socks and tights. Mine said "Midvale, UT" and Jessie's said "Newport Beach". Where is Midvale, UT????? Anyways, we had a good time.

The weather is still really nice here with it being around 75 degrees.

I can't believe it is already November! My brother Bryon just turned 36 yesterday and I can't believe it!!!! We are getting so old. I'm really excited for this time of year. I get to make Chili without sweating and wear cute sweaters. This month is super busy with alot of family birthdays. I will be 27... gulp! Aleisha turns 25 and little Brexie turns 1!!! I so wish I could be there for her birthday party but I will be home a few days after for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to go up to the Heber house and just hang out with my family. I guess absense really does make the heart grow fonder because I really miss them lately :)

Things are good in Newport. Just busy with work and trying not to gain the "Holiday Weight" already. I've been trying to get to the gym in the mornings but that is NOT an easy task.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life is good

This weekend was very eventful. Friday night was our work party out on the Tiki Boat. They had it 80's themed and my outfit consisted of a Guns and Roses tshirt with a pleather snake skin mini skirt with leggings. My hair had great volume thanks to the crimper. It was amazing. Everyone's costumes were great. I work with a lot of fun people.
Saturday we went to the beach. It has been super sunny and hot for California. Our house has no a/c so we invested in fans this weekend. The fan aisle in Target was the spot to be. It was so crowded and everyone was buying fans. The employee said that we better hurry and buy them because it's hard to keep them in stock. I can't even comprehend how hot AZ is right now. I really have forgotten what it's like there.
I'm super excited to have my sisters and the kids come this weekend. I love that Kylie, who is 7, asked if we could go to Hollywood when she comes. She is 7 turning 16. Should be a good time. I need to buy a digital camera because my other one broke so I can post new pics. Hope everyone is good! Hopefully I'll have a funny story next time I blog... :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We love the NBA

We Love Saving Calories....

When I was shopping a while ago I overheard people in the store talking about this cake they made and how good it was. Of course my ears perk up because anyone who knows me knows I love sugar. Well I proceed to listen in and the girl says she made it with just the chocolate box mix and a can of diet Coke. I froze. I couldn't believe it. So this last week we tried it out. Jessie and Christina were concerned that we may blow something up but it turned out ok. Yes, there is a little funny taste but day 2 of the cake was even better, fudgier. And no calories from oil. So beggers can't be chosers or however the saying goes. Today we just made a Vanilla cake with a can of Sprite Zero and I think it'll be better than the other. It's baking now so I'll let you know the outcome. But really how easy is that and there are no added calories..... just chemicals :)

Live for the Weekends!!!!

Friday night we decide to go out in LA. It's been a while since I've been there and Jess loves going there so I thought why not make her happy and be a happy camper and go. So us 3 go to this new little spot that I guess Eva Longoria owns part of. Well who else do I see other than PAULY SHORE. First off, what has this guy been up to since Son-In-Law and Secondly, there is a reason I can't handle him. A few years ago we were out in LA and we were at a club and I'm hanging out minding my own business when all of the sudden from out of no where WHAM! I fly across the crowded club and when I turn around to see what Son of a B@!%* hit me I notice it's Pauly Shore in a sick, sick wife beater. He may have been the rudest person of the year that year in my book. So why do I run into him again like I'm always out in LA and it's normal???? So when I saw him again Friday I was sorely dissappointed although I do have to say he was acting much better.
Saturday we cleaned house and then layed by the pool for a few hours. The weather was again amazing so we took advantage of it. Saturday night we met up with some of my new coworkers and alot of events went down. One being Jessie wheelbarrowing me around their apartment reinacting Mr. Viola's PE class. It was very entertaining. Today I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a lot of Laker's fans while we watched the Jazz win in OT!!!!! Nice job Price, Boozer and Williams. Seriously, you made it a great day. We also saw that new movie with Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher.... it was really funny. Hope you guys had a good weekend. Pray for me that my voice returns to my body by tomorrow morning or 75 of my new coworkers will be getting a taste of my "Manica" voice. Awesome

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Introduction

So.... I know I have no children to rave about or a wonderful husband to comment on but I needed a way to let everyone that I'm away from know what my life is consisting of. Hopefully this will be humorous to you guys.....
I'm now living in Newport Beach with Jessie Mechem and Christina Vick. Christina's mini Pomeranian also lives with us and suffers from Seperation Anxiety. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Everytime someone leaves our house he FREAKS out. It is quite the scene everytime. You just have to experience it for yourself when you guys come visit. Our little house is perfect for us. Yes, there are certain light fixtures and faucets that remind me of my G'ma's house way, way back in the day but it still is fun. The size is great, especially for California. It's been 2 weeks since I've been here and the weather was so amazing up until this week. We live about a 1/2 mile from the beach and have a jacuzzi/pool in our complex. I've enjoyed riding my bike and jogging along the boardwalk after work. I'm also trying to cook real dinners so that has been fun except for the time I slipped w/ the butter knife and stabbed not one, but two fingers. I am amazing. Hopefully I can get some pictures on this thing. I miss my family a lot but am extremely happy to be here.