Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Birthday Yet

Last weekend was my 27th birthday and it was so fun. Friday when I got home from work both sisters were hiding in my bathroom to surprise me. Then 7 of us all dressed up in cute dresses and went and ate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Javier's. After that we attempted to go dancing but the place we went to was horrible. If you live in the Orange County area do not go to ILounge. It is awful. Saturday was so hot outside that we all went to the beach and layed out then met up with some guy friends at their house and had so much fun.

Aleisha put together a book of comments that some of my closest loved ones wrote about me. It was the best present ever. Some memories made me laugh so hard and some made me cry but they were good tears. It was such a huge reminder of how blessed I am to have such good family and friends that love me. I am so appreciative of everyone that pitched in to make this the best birthday yet.

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Chelsey Howard said...

Cute monica! What a fun Birthday:) That is so fun that they suprised you:) Oh yeah, and happy late birthday.