Sunday, May 11, 2008

We love the NBA

We Love Saving Calories....

When I was shopping a while ago I overheard people in the store talking about this cake they made and how good it was. Of course my ears perk up because anyone who knows me knows I love sugar. Well I proceed to listen in and the girl says she made it with just the chocolate box mix and a can of diet Coke. I froze. I couldn't believe it. So this last week we tried it out. Jessie and Christina were concerned that we may blow something up but it turned out ok. Yes, there is a little funny taste but day 2 of the cake was even better, fudgier. And no calories from oil. So beggers can't be chosers or however the saying goes. Today we just made a Vanilla cake with a can of Sprite Zero and I think it'll be better than the other. It's baking now so I'll let you know the outcome. But really how easy is that and there are no added calories..... just chemicals :)

Live for the Weekends!!!!

Friday night we decide to go out in LA. It's been a while since I've been there and Jess loves going there so I thought why not make her happy and be a happy camper and go. So us 3 go to this new little spot that I guess Eva Longoria owns part of. Well who else do I see other than PAULY SHORE. First off, what has this guy been up to since Son-In-Law and Secondly, there is a reason I can't handle him. A few years ago we were out in LA and we were at a club and I'm hanging out minding my own business when all of the sudden from out of no where WHAM! I fly across the crowded club and when I turn around to see what Son of a B@!%* hit me I notice it's Pauly Shore in a sick, sick wife beater. He may have been the rudest person of the year that year in my book. So why do I run into him again like I'm always out in LA and it's normal???? So when I saw him again Friday I was sorely dissappointed although I do have to say he was acting much better.
Saturday we cleaned house and then layed by the pool for a few hours. The weather was again amazing so we took advantage of it. Saturday night we met up with some of my new coworkers and alot of events went down. One being Jessie wheelbarrowing me around their apartment reinacting Mr. Viola's PE class. It was very entertaining. Today I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a lot of Laker's fans while we watched the Jazz win in OT!!!!! Nice job Price, Boozer and Williams. Seriously, you made it a great day. We also saw that new movie with Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher.... it was really funny. Hope you guys had a good weekend. Pray for me that my voice returns to my body by tomorrow morning or 75 of my new coworkers will be getting a taste of my "Manica" voice. Awesome

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Introduction

So.... I know I have no children to rave about or a wonderful husband to comment on but I needed a way to let everyone that I'm away from know what my life is consisting of. Hopefully this will be humorous to you guys.....
I'm now living in Newport Beach with Jessie Mechem and Christina Vick. Christina's mini Pomeranian also lives with us and suffers from Seperation Anxiety. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Everytime someone leaves our house he FREAKS out. It is quite the scene everytime. You just have to experience it for yourself when you guys come visit. Our little house is perfect for us. Yes, there are certain light fixtures and faucets that remind me of my G'ma's house way, way back in the day but it still is fun. The size is great, especially for California. It's been 2 weeks since I've been here and the weather was so amazing up until this week. We live about a 1/2 mile from the beach and have a jacuzzi/pool in our complex. I've enjoyed riding my bike and jogging along the boardwalk after work. I'm also trying to cook real dinners so that has been fun except for the time I slipped w/ the butter knife and stabbed not one, but two fingers. I am amazing. Hopefully I can get some pictures on this thing. I miss my family a lot but am extremely happy to be here.