Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life is good

This weekend was very eventful. Friday night was our work party out on the Tiki Boat. They had it 80's themed and my outfit consisted of a Guns and Roses tshirt with a pleather snake skin mini skirt with leggings. My hair had great volume thanks to the crimper. It was amazing. Everyone's costumes were great. I work with a lot of fun people.
Saturday we went to the beach. It has been super sunny and hot for California. Our house has no a/c so we invested in fans this weekend. The fan aisle in Target was the spot to be. It was so crowded and everyone was buying fans. The employee said that we better hurry and buy them because it's hard to keep them in stock. I can't even comprehend how hot AZ is right now. I really have forgotten what it's like there.
I'm super excited to have my sisters and the kids come this weekend. I love that Kylie, who is 7, asked if we could go to Hollywood when she comes. She is 7 turning 16. Should be a good time. I need to buy a digital camera because my other one broke so I can post new pics. Hope everyone is good! Hopefully I'll have a funny story next time I blog... :)