Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Time

I love Easter! I'm excited for Sunday even though I have no plans since my family isn't here. I'm going back and forth whether or not I will try and cook an Easter lunch/dinner for Luke, Jessie and other friends that will be here with no family.

Besides that the weather has been amazing. It was warm enough to lay out at the beach last weekend. We busted out Paddle Ball and played on the sand. We also went to Laguna Beach 2 Saturdays ago to "A Thousand Steps" beach. You seriously go down the steepest set of concrete stairs to this beautiful beach. Coming back up I thought I was going to die and I do the stair stepper at the gym!!!! It was quite the work out. Here are some pics from that day......
I get to go home next week for Calli Mechem's wedding. I am so looking forward to that!

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The Tyler's said...

You are doing a good job making all us Arizonan's really jelous! I wanto to be at the Beach right now!